Sound Labyrinth at Murberget, Härnösand

The Sound Labyrinth was a large scale installation at the County Museum in Härnösand - the northern part of Sweden. About 70 loudspeakers spread out through a labyrinth with the size of an ordinary villa were serviced by a single MediaMatrix controller. The theme was a progression from story telling, to words, sounds and - finally - music. The visitors could enter words or whole stories, that became distributed throughout the labyrinth. Read more about it here.

Recording Trio Samara

This is a studio recording of the group Trio Samara for Footprint Records: Sten Källman (saxophone), Stefan Bergman (bass) and Ahmad al-Khatib (Oud). Guest artist is the Palestinian percussionist, Yousef Hbeisch. The recording took place in the very pleasant Studio Epidemin, Göteborg. The picture shows (from the left) Sten Källman (standing), Per, Yousef and in the mirror Ahmad.

Active Noise Control in Sleeping Quarters

During summer 2010 we performed extensive tests of an active noise control system in sleeping quarters. The disturbing noise was from helicopter landings and take-offs, which produces high levels of low frequency, semi periodic sound. Obtaining high transmission loss for low frequency sound (below 100 Hz) with a passive wall construction is very hard and the idea was to reduce the low frequency noise with an ANC system. A digital controller from TechnoFirst USA was used in these test.

New Lecture Hall at the Karolinska Institute

Audio Data Lab is the acoustic consultant for the new lecture hall at Karolinska Institute and Sound Processing is assisting in this project. Architect for this magnificent site is Wingårds. This is a rather large hall, designed for 1000 visitors and for speech only. Our primary concern is to make the acoustics as good as possible for speech, but with this hall size good speech intelligibility (STI) in all seats requires the addition of a well designed speaker system.

Recording with Goteborg Baroque

This was the first CD recording with Göteborg Baroque - possibly the best baroque orchestra in Sweden today. The recording took place in the New Örgryte church with its remarkable organ. This organ was built in a research project and has a high pitch (a1 = 465 Hz) and temperament quarter-comma meantone. This recording is available from Footprint Records (FRCD-033 Dietrich Buxtehude).

Amanda TRES

The album TRES with Amanda (Vocal Ensemble, Göteborg) was recorded in 2005 at Apparat Studios, Göteborg. Co-producer was Henric Cederblom, who also mixed some of the tracks. The song Don't Explain was arranged and produced by Per Störby and adds a very special touch to this album. This is a fantastic album that has gained too little attention - if you ask me.

Urban Sound Institute at CCS, Paris

In June 2007, the Urban Sound Institute had an extensive exhibition at the Centre Culturel Suedois in Paris, France. We made four surround sound installations: A 5-channel installation in the café section, two 8-channel installations in the gallery and a 5-channel installation in the fantastic garden on the back side. In the garden and café we designed new sound environments, while the gallery had a more artistic installation with the slow morrphing of sounds in space and time.

Audio Technology at NTNU

Per has held a course during the last 4 years (2007 - 2010) in Audio Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Tehcnology. Subjects in the course has been fundamental acoustic theory, signal analysis, hearing and psychoacoustics and room acoustics. A major subject has been on analogies of electrical, acoustical and mechanical systems, such as loudspeakers and microphones. We've also talked about recording techniques, sound reproduction, digital audio and coding techniques.

The picture shows an acoustic model of the vocal tract - the human speech organ.