We have been doing high quality acoustic recordings for more than 25 years. Recording styles range from classical two-microphone setups in acoustic concert venues, to multichannel recordings in studios. Nowadays, all recordings are made with Pyramix from Meging Technologies - the best DAW for recording, editing and mastering if you ask us. We’ve made recordings for many different record companies, although most recordings made during the past eight years have been for our own record company, Footprint Records.

During the years, we have gathered an interesting collection of high quality gear, including microphones from DPA, MicroTech Gefell, Royer, Neumann and Schoeps. This helps to make each recording an enjoyful experience for us as well as for the artists.

The recording venue is chosen based on the specific preferences and/or requirements for each recording. Consequencially, we’ve learned to adapt to a large variety of acoustical environments.

We do mastering in stereo and Dolby Atmos. We have a fruitful relationship with Spinroad Studios for studio recordings and mastering.